Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan?


The conference, an interdisciplinary dialogue about “Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan?” was held on the 4rd of July, at Kabul Star Hotel Shar e Naw  with the intent of developing sustainable peace in Afghanistan. The one day conference had 130 attendees including speakers, scholars, teachers, and VIP people.


Executive Summary:

The one day conference was held by WILPF Afghanistan entitled Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan?” on 4th July 2019 from 11:00 up to 2:30 at Kabul Star Hotel, Shahr e Naw with the intent of developing sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

 The conference was attended by approximately 130 participants; attendees were speakers, scholars, teachers, students and VIP people while majority of participants were females from educational institutions. It provided them with a platform to explore variety of issues regarding peace.

 The program was started by verses of the Holy Quran from Sorey Rahman by sister Rubina, National poem was played by one of the technical team.

 Mr. Abdul Ghani Kakar the executive director of NECDO, hosted the program and welcomed all participants, he mentioned the value of peace and females according to Islam and addressed the Afghan women’s difficulties that they faced during the period of war. In addition he narrated that females constitute the 17.5 million people of society, hence they have main role in peace and reported that Islam is a moderate religion and all Muslims should act accordingly. Peace is the first thing that Allah Almighty mentioned in the Holy Quran moreover he Introduced WILPF Afghanistan Section and international WILPF and addressed the current activities of WILPF Afghanistan Section in different provinces. Mr. Kakar thanked those participants who helped him in current activities.



  • Value your time – omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem
  • Take time off – totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa
  • Never stop learning – quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta
  • Experience is overvalued – aspernatur aut odit aut fugit
  • Be courageous – iste natus error sit voluptatem

Panelists of the conference were;  Dr. Farid Raaid, Professor Nasir Ahamad Noorbakhsh, Professor Sharafudin Azim, Mr. Dehati, Ms. Nadira Kharoti,

 Dr.Farid Raaid, MD, MPH, Fulbright Scholar talked on Peace and reconciliation issue very briefly he described this issue in following topics;

  1. What is PEACE?
  2. The Pillars of PEACE
  3. What is Conflict & its Causes
  4. How to deal with Conflict?
  6. A Story from Liberia
  7. A Story from Budrus
  8. PEACE by WHOM and for WHOM?
  9. Gene Sharp

One of the most useful content was the eight essential pillars of peace

1.      Well-Functioning Government

2.      Good Relations With Neighbors

3.      Low Levels of Corruption

4.      Acceptance of The Rights of Others

5.      High Level of Human Capital

6.      Sound Business Environment

7.      Free Flow of Information

8.      Equitable Distribution of Resources

 He pointed out the first pillar as the most important pillar; hence he addressed government to work hard.  He described each pillar very briefly and said “The Pillars of Peace is a holistic framework which identify the factors which make a country more peaceful”

 Moreover, in the matter of “ways people deal with conflict” he brought examples of some animals (the turtle with drawing), the shark (forcing), the Teddy Bear (smoothing), the Fox (compromising), the Owl (Confronting) to make his presentation more effective and understandable.

 For the role of women in peace he mentioned that Ms. Leymah from Liberia, a woman who got Nobel Prize for bringing peace in the country. Mr. Farid Raaid ended his speech with a great sentence “Forgive and forget”

 Professor Sharafuddin Azami, one of the greatest psychologists in Afghanistan after his greeting to the audience he presented his speech about “Psychological impact of war on social life” and said “I am one of the psychologists and I treat several diseases regarding psychology, sometimes I share some diseases with American people that do not have treatment and they are surprised by knowing it. The cause of all diseases is war in Afghanistan”. Peace is ended with war but unfortunately in Afghanistan situation is different, killing, bloodshed and murder is happening here the war which has been going on is horrible and why women should be harmed in organizations, on streets and other places, hence mentality is crap out.

Mr. Dehati, the head of peace’s presentation was about (Peace Ensure strength of Islamic Dawah). First of all he thanked Ms. Jamila Afghani Kakar and other attendees, he narrated that during the 41 years of war they were unable to bring peace and lost many chances to bring peace during the period 2001 to 2014 and said “the third opportunity is the conference of Doha which is created by the United State and its focal point person Mr. Khalilzad. Even though there are challenges but we hope for better results and the good news is that progressed has been seen in the conference of Doha. In addition, he declared that today’s program will be very beneficial for them to develop the capacity of thoughts regarding peace. This kind of program will be held again in this place as we can witness it from the outcome of it for today.

Mr. Azam Azam Shenwari, talked on “whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan”?

He thanked the donor of the program that provided such a platform in this current situation of peace talks in Doha for Afghanistan. As I was growing it was a dream for me that how to bring peace in Afghanistan. In 2009 a number of people gathered and talked with Mr. Ashraf Ghani for five hours and the agenda of meeting were to build a central government and told Mr. Ashraf Ghani that if he becomes a president of Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan will not support him furthermore said that his government will be like Mr.Karzai. Mr. Azam requested Mr. Asharaf Ghani that they must get together with scientific figures and build a team of professionals for bringing sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Moreover he said, “We always blame other countries for the war in Afghanistan, in fact we should be accountable for it until we are not united which can be a strong point for peace. He admired the personality of Mr. Khalilzad who brought the dead body of his mother to the homeland.

He said, “government and militants both are Afghans and we are losing them therefore we must try to bring peace, hence everyone wants peace even though Taliban want peace too. For this kind of situation we must pledge and force civil society to work hard for peace. In addition, we must good relation with other countries”.

 Ms. Nadira Kharoti, She presented her speech about “women messenger of peace” and then conveyed blessings upon the martyrs of Islam, she defined peace and then addressed women that have main role in the peace of family so then why this part of society is behind? Women must think about this issue moreover, she mentioned that Bibi Zainab in upraising of Ashora who had main role in that event. Hence government must give part to women in bringing sustainable peace in Afghanistan and then she recommended that these kinds of programs must be held in future too. At last she addressed again women to know their responsibility.

Professor Naseer Ahmad Noorbakhsh, the matter of his speech was “peace is a pressing need of Afghan people” he started his speech by these sentences “Afghanistan has been burning in fighting for the last five decades and that fighting ruins Afghanistan resulted from fighting might be reconstructed but those killed will not come back. If we had fighting talents we would have peace talents as well. We have to bring peace through noble families foundations. Some underlying causes of fighting are: the lack of law ensuring, injustice, family conflicts and so on. In military those having academic capacity should be enrolled. In the mean time no one has asked what is problem of anti-government elements and must give role for women too in order to participate in peace process.

And the program was closed at 02:30 by Mr. Abdul Ghani Kakar with great achievements.

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