Activities Accomplished During 2019


Activities Accomplished During 2019 WILPF Afghanistan Section Download The PDF File Type of Activity:  Conference Theme of the activities: Voice of Women the Voice of Peace Location: Kabul Date: January 2019 Participants: 200 Men and Women This conference was highly effective as there was an increase in the WILPF members where 200 men and women participated for sustainable peace. Moreover, they promised to work for peace, adopted behavior changes in their respective communities, increased dialogues and communication space for promoting women role in the peace process. [...]

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Book Lunch Narrative Report


“100 Untold Stories of War & Peace by Afghan Women” Book Lunch Narrative Report 1.     Executive Summary: The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom was established in 1915 to stop the First World War and is now the oldest women’s peacemaking organization in the world. WILPF identifies and develops feminist perspectives to challenge the inter-related issues of patriarchy, militarism, neoliberalism and their consequences, which WILPF views as the key long-term causes of conflict. WILPF uses its core strengths – feminist analysis and advocacy promoted by a mobilized feminist community. Its feminist methodology of building feminist peace leaders and strengthening leadership [...]

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Our Publications


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