Trampling Women


Women have been stomped by the shackles of patriarchy ever since they have stepped their foot into this world. Women have to combat the unfavorable cards that have been set against them ever since they were infants up until their deathbed. A woman’s struggle is continuous, even if it takes different forms; her struggles are based on the different stages of life and the different male counterparts she encounters. Society has predetermined a woman’s gender as her Achilles Heel and unfortunately, it has posed multiple challenges that she has to consistently go through in order to instill her place in society. [...]

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Women’s Empowerment Conf-


Women’s empowerment conference on Afghanistan's sustainable and development Brief introduction of women's empowerment conference on Afghanistan's sustainable t and development: The National Conference on Women and Youth Empowerment in the Light of Afghanistan's Sustainable Peace and Development held in Kabul participation of this Conference were a number of officials and young generation. The purpose of the conference was to express the goals and responsibilities of WILPF AFGN GROUP and opening of youth’s group which associated new with WILPF Afghan group and also spoke about the goals and plans of the youth committee at the conference. Summary: The [...]

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Celebrating Sisterhood


Celebrating Sisterhood Poetry Gathering (Voice of Woman, the Voice of Peace) Summary:  The one day conference Celebrating Sisterhood Poetry Gathering (Voice of Woman, the Voice of Peace) was successfully conducted on 29th January 2019. This one day event was arranged according to the plan to the ministry of information and culture. More than eighty people participated, from governmental and non-governmental and civil society activist including poets and youths the conference started at09:30 and ended at 01:30 with the participation   of governmental and non-governmental sectors and civil society activist. All the poems of this conference were about peace and women. [...]

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Real Witness of Peace In AFG


Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan? Summary The conference, an interdisciplinary dialogue about “Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan?” was held on the 4rd of July, at Kabul Star Hotel Shar e Naw  with the intent of developing sustainable peace in Afghanistan. The one day conference had 130 attendees including speakers, scholars, teachers, and VIP people.   Executive Summary: The one day conference was held by WILPF Afghanistan entitled “Whether we witness the real peace in Afghanistan?” on 4th July 2019 from 11:00 up to 2:30 at Kabul Star Hotel, Shahr e Naw [...]

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