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Capacity-Building Training for Grass-root Provincial Women Leaders Location: AWPFO Office Date: 27th-31st March 2021 Time: 9am- 4pm for 5 days Number of Participants: 25-30 members Report Summary: A 5-Day capacity building training program was organized by AWPFO for 14 provincial representatives in Kabul. Project Description: After the success of the First Women Ulema Conference in October 2020, our AWPFO focal points requested for a program to help build the capacity of these women. This program was designed after consultation with the targeted beneficiaries. The initial plan, which was shared with UNAMA, was for 10 women grass root leaders to [...]

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Provincial Women Religious and Community Leaders Statement for Geneva


Provincial Women Religious and Community Leaders Statement for Geneva Donor Conference on Afghanistan Background: On November 11th, 2020 the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul, in collaboration with Afghan Women Peace and Freedom Organization (AWPFO), EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD), NCA, UN Women, and UNAMA, held a half day gathering on the topic of “Humanizing Women’s Rights in Peace and War”. A total of 12 women joined the event from different provinces to share their views in two panel discussions on; Panel 1: Women’s rights from Islamic perspective, and in the light of national and International laws Panel. 2: Rural women’s challenges [...]

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“100 Untold Stories of War & Peace by Afghan Women” Book Lunch Narrative Report


1.     Executive Summary: The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: was established in 1915 to stop the First World War and is now the oldest women’s peacemaking organization in the world. WILPF identifies and develops feminist perspectives to challenge the inter-related issues of patriarchy, militarism, neoliberalism and their consequences, which WILPF views as the key long-term causes of conflict. WILPF uses its core strengths – feminist analysis and advocacy promoted by a mobilized feminist community. Its feminist methodology of building feminist peace leaders and strengthening leadership for holistic WPS implementation across activists, coalitions and policymakers also supports long-term [...]

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1.1 Executive Summary: We always hear from our international allies “Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process”. The Afghan led part can be somewhat true where a few Afghan national Id holders are sitting around the negotiation table and deciding the fate of 38,928,346 people[1], however the “Afghan owned peace process” part is not fully true. For us to ensure the ‘Afghan owned peace process’, we need to mobilize, engage, and empower girls, women, and men from all parts of life in a united front to raise their voice on the issues that leave a permanent impact on all of their [...]


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