Women International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is the longest standing international peace organization in the world, and since its establishment in 1915, it has brought together women from around the world who are united in working for peace by non-violent means, including supporting and advancing meaningful participation of women who are committed to peace and justice in peace and social transformation processes at all levels. WILPF is an international, membership-based, non-governmental organization with National Sections covering every continent. The main organs of WILPF are the International Congress, the International Board, National Sections (39) and the International Secretariat. WILPF International Secretariat has two office Geneva and New York. WILPF has four Programs: Women, Peace and Security; Disarmament; Human Rights and Crisis Response.

A group of 5 Afghan women participated in 100th, anniversary of WILPF in November 2015. From where they decided to establish a WILPF group in Afghanistan, upon their return to Afghanistan in December 2015 the idea was shared among a group of civil society in Kabul and in the same meeting the WILPF group was established. WILPF Afghanistan group in partnership with NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization) started its meetings onwards. WILPF Afghanistan Group was formally inaugurated in September 2017. During 32nd, general Assembly of WILPF in Ghana on the 22nd – 24th August Afghanistan group was recognized as WILPF Afghanistan Section. Now WILPF Afghanistan section is trying to get the South Asia representation on WILPF International Board. WILPF Afghanistan section has adopted WILPF by laws and constitution and the recommended structure by WILPF headquarters. WILPF Afghanistan has received three small grant supports from WILPF head office in order to promote its work plan and objectives during the year 2017-2018

WILPF Afghanistan section got registered (Reg. 3536) with Ministry of Justice on 1st August 2018 as an independent body. WILPF Afghanistan section has 260 members with 30% male. WILPF Afghanistan section is extended to 3 other provinces Herat, Ningrahr and Kandahar. WILPF youth group is an active sub group of WILPF Afghanistan section. The members are from diverse groups of ethnic, lingual and religious backgrounds of society such as government employees, civil society actors, and professionals in different fields of expertise. The WILPF Afghanistan section is based on membership dues and voluntarism. The members contribute a part times their skills, professionalism and their own resources to promote WILPF Afghanistan section vision. WILPF Afghanistan section has a president, two vice president, a treasurer and a communication coordinator as executive body. The board member of WILPF Afghanistan section consist 11 individuals and meeting on bi-monthly basis. In order to facilitate the work four working committees are appointed (1.Environmental Peace Committees, 2. Admin and finance committee, 3. Monitoring and evaluation committee and 4. Advocacy and networking committee) to administer the daily work.